The Fisherman

Click Here to read The Fisherman Christmas 2020 Edition

The Fisherman is a monthly newsletter bringing you up to date with events in the Parishes of Kenn and Exminster.

Articles and other material are always welcome, especially notices of forthcoming events in the Church, preferably no more than 500 – 600 words in length. The Editor does reserve the right to edit any contributions, particularly if they are too long – so short and sweet is best!

You can also advertise in The Fisherman details are in the newsletter or contact the Editor. The publication date is the first Sunday of each month and the deadline for contributions is the Monday before the publication date.

Editor - Barry Cripps - email: [email protected]

Distributor & Subscriptions From Ann Cripps Treasurer

The magazine can be found in both churches and the cost is 50p per magazine or £5 for this 2019 year. Next year, 2020, the magazine will have to be priced at 60p per issue, or £6 for the year. Subject to agreement by Exminster & Kenn PCCs.

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