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(March 08, 2017)
At the Lent course on Sunday we thought about the story of Eve.  Not a factual story , of course, but a parable. We all agreed that Eve gets a bad press and Adam is a plonker for putting all the blame on her.
3 interesting points were:-
The Tree of Knowledge was the focus of the garden.  Does this mean that God almost willed the Man & Woman to eat from it?
Without choosing knowledge humanity would never have been able to build the world as it is - with all the achievements of science etc.
Being naked, as the Man &  the Woman were, makes us very vulnerable and very frightened.
Adam & Eve end up, quarrelling, not taking responsibility for their actions, worried, vulnerable, guilty, discontented and scared. Quite a good summary of what is wrong with human life!
Any guesses for the H.P.T.F.T.U. principle?
Andrew Broadchurch

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