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Just to Let You KInow

(September 30, 2017)
Old Mark Bate has been banging on about Lent next year.  He seemed to assume that everyone knows when Lent is. He told me, rather sharply, I thought, that it is the six weeks before Easter.  Apparently it is a traditional time for a bit of spiritual body building for Christians (not his words!). Apparently he has got a series of star speakers coming to St Andrew's. 3 sessions of 75 minutes each on Feb 21(7.30) and March 4th & 18th(11am).
What I wanted to know is why he was banging on about it now.
"You know  what it's like," he said, "We've got the first star speaker coming at 10am on November 5th, so we need to let everyone know about that. Then we're into Christmas and all that.  When we all wake up it'll be January and only a month to go!! So get it in your diary."
I couldn't argue with that. Not that I wanted to as he was getting quite grumpy.
                    see you all around
                                                           Andrew Broadchurch

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