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Lent 18. A Brilliant Start.

(February 28, 2018)
Lent '18 had a brilliant start last week.  The most moving moment for me was when Barry was answering questions. (Incidentally there were a lot of good questions and comments) Someone asked if good people could be saved even if they didn't have faith in Christ. The answer was yes. God's love goes out to everyone. Sadly there will always be people who choose to reject that love. However anyone who has chosen truth,justice, kindness etc has already made a choice for God in some way.  It was moving to see Barry speak from the heart and from experience of that love.  Even old Andrew Broadchurch was impressed. He turned up, along with a lot of people, in spite of the freezing cold.  And he went away looking a lot happier than usual.  Result!
                       Mark Bate

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