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Church Fete 2012

(June 11, 2012)

Believe it or not, the last Church Fete was 3 years ago (2009)!

In a mad moment, I agreed that I would coordinate another one this year. With the help of my wife, Jo, who had kept hard copies of all of the information from the last fete, the task was a little less onerous.

We have a fantastic venue in the village, thanks to Alan and Judith Beynon. So really all I had to do was organise the troops, book the entertainment, and find a celebratory to open the fete. The weather was not in my gift!!

So the 12th May soon arrived. Everything was in place. Peter Holwell had very kindly printed all of the programmes, details of the event had been well publicised, thanks to Carol Harbottle , all of the tents were up and the tables and chairs out and the WI Ladies were brewing for all they were worth. Gates opened at 1pm  to the dulcet tones of our Master of Ceremonies, the one and only Kelvin Boot, who took charge of the day, as only he can. Thanks Kelvin. Two o’clock arrived, Helen Roberts officially opened the fete and presented our May Queen and her attendants. The Honiton Brass band played, the Glory of the West Morris dancers danced, Kenn Ardley Players entertained, the children danced and ran their races and all of the sideshows and stalls were busy. Being a Church Fete and having the weather girl open it for us, we also succeeded in securing that most important of ingredients, the sunshine. It was a perfect day weather wise.

We raised the magnificent sum of £2000 towards the Church Tower works. Thanks to all who sponsored the event, which meant we had covered our overheads before the fete opened.

Special thanks to Maggie Westcott for organising the craft stalls, Brenda Stone for organising the side shows, Mark Bate for the organising the tents, Mervyn Hosking for doing the hardest job of the day (I don’t think so) of escorting Helen Roberts around the fete (incidentally she stayed until 4pm), the White family for the May Queen transport, Linda for the May Queen selection and races, Sandra, Jane, Jane and Liz for their sterling work on the gate,  and the WI ladies for their hard work in providing first class refreshments.

I must also thank the little red tractor that worked so tirelessly on Friday and Saturday, happily chugging around the village picking up and returning tables and chairs, fridges and tents and anything else needing porterage! We couldn’t have done without the little red tractor and all those men (John, Peter, Paul, Andy, Ross, Falk, Phillip, Ian, Barry and Jeff) who loaded, unloaded and put up and took down tents. Thank you.

Job well done. I believe that a great time was had by all. Don't take my word for it, just take a look at the pictures below!  

Simon Preece


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