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Annual Vestry & Parish Meeting 2012

(June 23, 2012)







1.     Welcome  Fr. John Williams welcomed those present.


2.     Apologies   Apologies were received from   Mr. and Mrs. Norman,  Mrs. Lorna Clay,  Mr. Jeff Basset,  Mrs. Joan Markham,  Mr. Geoff Hawken,  Mrs. Lynn Hickey,  Mr. and Mrs. Hoskin.


3.   Minutes of the Previous Meeting   It was proposed by Mrs. Doran that the Minutes of the previous meeting,  held on 17th April, 2011 be adopted, seconded by Mrs. Hawken and approved by all present.


4.     Election of Wardens


Dr. Ian Goodrick was proposed by Mr. Preece and seconded by Mr. Hawken and elected.

Mr. Simon Preece was proposed by Mrs. Bate and seconded by  Mr. Hawken and elected.


Fr. John Williams thanked Dr. Goodrick and Mr. Preece for their hard work and support over the last year.






 1.   Apologies


Mr. and Mrs. Norman,  Mrs. Lorna Clay,  Mr. Jeff Basset,  Mrs. Joan Markham,  Mr. Geoff Hawken, Mrs. Lynn Hickey  and Mr. and Mrs. Hosking.


2.     Minutes of the Previous Meeting


Mrs. Joan Richardson proposed and Mr. Rod Harbottle seconded  that these should be accepted.   This was agreed by all present.

Mrs. Richardson pointed out that Dr. Goodrick’s reference to a falling, ageing congregation last year should not be too depressing as we now have six new members.


3.     Revised Electoral Roll


It was reported that we have now gone from 46 to 49 with some new people still to sign up.


4.     Churchwardens’  Reports


On behalf of both Churchwardens  Dr. Goodrick gave a report which is attached.


CHURCHWARDENS’ REPORT                                2011-2012


Simon has to leave shortly for an engagement in Plymouth so I am reporting on behalf of us both.


Last year I pointed out that the CWs’s job is primarily about finances and fabric but the last 12 months have also been about the functioning of our Christian family here at St Andrew’s.


THANKYOU  first of all to John Williams who gives his time and energy to our services in a church where the sacraments are held important. It is very easy to forget that he has a busy church in Exminster and that Kenton and the Rev Ibe’s serious illness must have been a considerable worry and organisational challenge for John. Do you know I have never once heard him grumble. Does he ever get an evening at home I wonder? In addition to John we are grateful to Mark Bate who has been a willing part of the back up team in seen and unseen ways. Please God both may continue.


Thanks also to Simon Preece- We seem to work well as a double act and he is master of the front door and the front lawns and much much more. Many times in the last year when I have thought of something I have found Simon and his team of friends have done it! He has been very pro active in a sensible way. What else did I expect?


We have found the whole of the PCC is very cooperative and have been very good at picking up challenges and making things happen. In particular we are grateful to Geoff Hawken out Hon Tres of 20 years and to Rod Harbottle who is the “ Project Manager” for the repairs to the Tower. This has entailed tracking down and applying for funds, getting planning permissions, going out to tender and sorting out with the Russ Palmer, the Church Architect, the bids- How many times have you gone up and down those stairs over the last 2-3 months ?.


Never under estimate the power of a woman !  We have had fantastic service from those who deal with the vestments and altar cloths, who do the cleaning, provide and arrange flowers, provide coffee and tea after the 10 o’clock services, who do most of the hard work in the Social Committee and who records the minutes of the PCC. If you don’t know who these dedicated woman are you should and probably a man! Please join me in giving them a round of applause.


Underlying much of the work done here is prayer life and the Tuesday Group has been meeting fortnightly at Mary Mountain’s home before and after Christmas melding gently into the Lent Course on Sunday afternoons. It is our hope that this will grow and underpin what is being done here within the fabric of the church. New members are very welcome –developments are about to take place- if interested please keep an eye out for the dates and times in the Grape Vine and just come along.


To make a really good brew you must take the pot to the kettle and not the other way about. We know that the Christian message is well planted here within the confines of this church. But our founder said we should go out into the world and preach the Good News and to heal the Sick. So how have we been doing? Locally we have held Charity Lunches in the Kenn Centre which not only raised record sums in support of  ShelterBox but has given the church some social capital in that the lunches have been well attended and enjoyed by many local folk who do not attend regularly. Today and yesterday Liz and Paul Rycroft have held Big Breakfasts in aid of Mercy Ships- details at the rear of the church. Thankyou both for this brave venture. So in a way- when we add in Rev Sarkar in Bihar and the CR2EE- we are acting locally to reach out to the poor and the sick in many parts of the world.


But don’t be too complacent about how we are functioning. Just 3 days ago Simon and I  met with John Williams to discuss how to meet the challenge to us all. How can we keep our roots here in this special place and blossom and be fruitful when most of the younger people live and interact in Kennford where the school, the shop, the garage, the Playbox and the pubs are to be found? We are lucky to have a new headmaster who wants to foster contacts between school and church and is developing some ideas. That leaves the challenge of the young parents who might appreciate some form of fresh expression of our Christian  functioning . Please give it some thought and lots of prayer.


Ian Goodrick                                       Simon Preece                                    Churchwardens



5.     The audited financial accounts for the year ending December 31st 2011.


The accounts had been examined by Mr. John Norman and were presented (as attached).    Mrs. Hales proposed and Mrs. Baker seconded  that they should be accepted.   All agreed.

In the absence of Mr. Hawken,  Fr. Williams  said that we had ‘kept going’ and that we had paid the Common Fund in full.   The Diocese cannot meet their budget without this and not all parishes manage it. 


6.     Report on the proceedings of the Deanery Synod.


Mrs. Doran presented her report from April 2011 - April 2012.

The culmination of Bishop Bob’s visit to the Deanery last June was a service held at Christow.   This was a wonderful celebration attended by over two hundred and fifty people.  The collection raised £770.55 which was given to Devon Air Ambulance.

The synod meeting held on June 22nd at Tedburn St. Mary began with the Triennial Elections.   Our late Archdeacon of Exeter, Penny Driver (also our General Synod Representative) addressed us on the legislation concerning ‘Women in the Episicopate’.   Following questions and discussions a vote was taken.

                           Approve               Disapprove               Abstention

House of Clergy         9                              0                               1

House of Laity           18                            0                               3


On October 12th  the Synod met at St. Michael’s,  East Teignmouth and Martin Follet the Diocesan Registrar gave an informative talk entitled  ‘What the Diocesan Registry can do for you’.


The Synod met on 23rd February at St. Paul’s,  Starcross when the Revd. Andrew Godsall spoke on ‘The Anglican Communion Covenant’.   This was very thought-provoking and informative.   The covenant is an attempt to keep all the autonomous churches in the Anglican Communion together.   I have a copy of the Covenant text which we were given - it runs to nine sides of A4,  but if anyone is interested in reading it they may borrow mine.   An additional note to this -  the debate on the Anglican Covenant took place at the Diocesan Synod on March 24th and passed the motion in favour of the covenant.   However, we subsequently learnt that fewer than half the Diocesan Synods were in favour and it will therefore be rejected by General Synod.

At Deanery Synods we have regular updates by our representative concerning our companion Dioceses of Cyprus and the Gulf and of Thika.


A date for diaries.     The Archdeacon’s visitation this year is on Monday,  May 14th at 7 p.m. in the Cathedral and is being organised by the Archdeacon of Barnstaple,  the Venerable David Gunn-Johnson.


Mrs. Doran ended by saying that she could do with another Deanery Representative.


7.     Elections


a.     PCC


Mrs. Baker resigned from the PCC,  but intends staying on the Social Committee.   She will be missed on the PCC where she has been a very useful member.   The rest of the PCC was re-elected en bloc.


b.     Sidespersons


Mr. Basset,  Mrs. Bell and Mr. Reader cover the 8 a.m. service and Mr. and Mrs. Harbottle,  the two churchwardens,  Mr. and Mrs. Hoskin and Mrs. Boot and Patrick Boot cover the 10 a.m. services.   They were all thanked by Fr. Williams who stressed how important this work is,  as they are the first welcome to people as they come into the Church.


c.     Management  Community at the Kenn Centre.


There are meetings every two months and it was felt that a representative from the PCC should be involved.   Dr. Goodrick suggested that this should be discussed at the next PCC meeting.


d.  Independent Examiner


It was proposed by Dr. Goodrick and seconded by Mrs. Hawken that Mr. John Norman should continue.   All agreed.


8.     Report of the Priest in Charge.


Fr. John Williams gave his report,  which is attached.


9.     Mother’s Union Report


Mrs. Hawken gave her report.

The Kenn with Exminster branch had quite a busy year in 2011.   We kept our usual services and for the Epiphany  Kenn deanery celebrated at St. Michael’s,  Teignmouth.   Our branch met for at The Smuggler’s Inn for a very nice lunch first.

The Lady Day service was held in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral and it was Kenn and Cadbury deanery’s turn to take the service.   The MU have a service on the last Friday of each month at 12 noon and everyone is welcome to join us.

In June the branches from the whole diocese joined in a celebration to mark the 125th anniversary of the MU at the Boniface Centre in Crediton.   It started with a service with great music by a small group of musicians made up of MU members.   Afterwards we were entertained by our Unit Co-ordinater.   There are three units -   Faith and Policy,  Action and Outreach and Marketing.   We all made decorated cup cakes for the tea and sandwiches.

We had some very interesting talks,  including Canon Parry on Marriage and Mrs. Mary Moore on a Japanese tea party.   She had several items to perform the ceremony which she said is not used in ordinary life in Japan anymore.   She is our diocesan MU financial advisor.

The Revd. Ann Howman led a meditation in Lent and Mr. John Vincent was our speaker for the MU theme talk ‘Faithful Relationships’.

Thanks go to Fr. Mark Bate for taking the Kenn deanery quiet day in October of last year,  which our branch hosted in Kenn.   All who came said it was a lovely day and I was sad to have missed it.

I went into Kenn school to meet the new Headmaster.   He asked if the MU would still keep our occaisional presence in school.   Our branch have been going into school to help the children in different ways.   This past year in November we helped them to pack and wrap 70 Xmas boxes for children in Moldova.   Then in December we showed and helped them to make 80 Christingles for the service in Church.


10.    Fund Raising and Social Committee Report


Mrs. Baker gave her report.

This last year the Social Committee have held various fund raising events.

A coffee morning was held at Helen Grant’s home where the speaker Mike MacDonald showed those present how to do a beautifully executed painting of a flower.

The autumn saw us holding a sausage sizzle in the school grounds,  where Neil Swait made us feel very welcome.

This years Quiz was won by Mervyn Hosking’s team,   which had as a team member Mark Bate.  I wonder what his transfer fee will be for this year?   As always the quiz was very well supported and our thanks go to Simon Preece and his team..

Our Christmas Fayre at the Kenn Centre improved on its previous year.   The hall was full of enticing goodies and plenty of people came to buy.

Words for Voices saw the church filled to capacity and we were all entertained superbly by the choir and readers.

This year,  so far Maureen Bate and her team have held the Art Exhibition,  which has raised £850 for both causes.

Our chance in the year to support an overseas/outside cause comes in Lent, with Shelter Box being the chosen charity for the Lent Lunches.   This year, for the first time, they have been held in the Kenn Centre and this allowed us to liaise with the school,  inviting the older children to join us for lunch.

We have revived the idea of a written calendar of events this year and it is available on the table at the back of the church and on our new website.

In a very short time we have the bi-annual May Fete and Simon Preece has chivvied, cajoled and guided us through to a stage where all we need is some good weather.   Hopefully Helen Roberts can help us with that.   Also plenty of items for sale and people to spend.   It promises to be another good year to come.

Finally,  I would like to say some ‘ thank yous’.   To Joan Markham for all her admin. work;  to Carol Harbottle for her help at the Christmas Fayre and setting up the Kenn Centre as the Lent Lunch venue this year,  plus all her help towards the May Fete.   She will be missed this next year.   To Maureen and Mark Bate for providing us with a venue and refreshments at most of our meetings.   Also to Mark who has been leafleting tirelessly this year for events.   A thank you also to those who just turn up and do whatever is needed whenever they can.


11.    Any Other Business


It was pointed out how lucky we are with our excellent organist and suggested that a card of thanks should be sent to him.


Fr. John Williams thanked everyone for their attendance and Grace was said.


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