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(November 06, 2012)
Many of our Parish folk have really missed the Haldon Views over the past months. We used to look forward to each edition and read about village events, past, present and in the future. Local businesses supported the publication through their adverts  For many years Peter Holwell kept us entertained and informed through his dedication to the newsletter.  Peter now enjoys a well earned rest  (though in reality, his retirement from "Haldon Views" just means he now has more time to spend updating the Parish website).

I have decided to try and produce a bi-monthly, free newsletter, retaining the title"Haldon Views".    Mervyn Hosking has volunteered to help and I know others will assist in the new publication.
In the past you or your organisation have contributed to the newsletter and I want to give you the opportunity of supporting "Haldon Views" again
Being bi-monthly means we need to look further ahead with our "up and coming" diary events and to assist you here are the deadlines for the 2013 editions.
26 November for the December/January edition
28 January for the February/March edition
25 March for the April/May edition
27 May for the June/July edition
29 July for the August/September edition
26 September for the October/November edition
25 November for the Christmas/January edition 
If you wish to have an advert published or have any information or events you want to promote simply contact "Haldon Views" by email  [email protected] or telephone 833293/832896
Thanks for your support 
John Wood

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