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Picnic in the Park

(July 21, 2014)

The storm clouds cleared. Picnickers arrived and Decadent Brass royally


The clarion sounds of ‘The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ set the festive tone for an evening in which Decadent Brass demonstrated their virtuosity and versatility. Playing the music of Mancini, Gershwin, Bizet and Sousa, Decadent Brass enthralled the crowd throughout and literally brought picnickers to their feet during the playing of the ensemble’s own composition, Huzzah! The young and young at heart gave rapturous applause for the wandering sousaphone player’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic and in the jazz rendition of Battle of Jericho you could all but hear the “walls come a tumbling down”.

In true party atmosphere, the evening drew to a close with flags waving and the picnickers singing heartily as Decadent Brass gave a rousing rendition of Henry Wood’s Fantasia on British Sea Songs and Land of Hope & Glory.

On Sunday morning the ensemble joined worshippers at St Andrew’s, for the Mission Community Service. A large congregation appreciated the wonderful church acoustic as Decadent Brass played prior to the service. First, Praise be the Lord mu God (Bach) then the ethereal melody of Sicilienne (von Paradis).

After the service, having accompanied the hymns, Decadent Brass bid a suitable farewell to Kenn with a rousing rendition of Pavane Battaille (Susato).


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