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Bihar also affected by Nepalese Earthquakes

(May 10, 2015)

The awful earthquake in Nepal sent  physical shock waves into neighboring Bihar in northern India. The rippling effects have caused most damage in the city of Purnia where Rev. Samuel Sarker has his mission. His house was badly damaged and he and his family have had to live and sleep outside in the wet and cold because of danger from falling masonry.

In this period of confusion charities like Shelter Box and Medicine San Frontiers are offering invaluable immediate help but we are taking direct action too.

We have given aid and support to Samuel Sarker since 2007 when he came to Kenn to tell us about his mission in the lawless and over populated state of Bihar. Since then he and his community have contended with floods, storms and hostility from local extremists.

Our immediate response has been to send him modest financial help to keep warm and dry whilst he starts to repair his home. This is coupled to further planned giving as we hear more about the needs of his family and his two small congregations in the community where he lives. The Monsoon rains begin next month.

Ian Goodrick 

Convenor Overseas Missions  St.Andrew’s Church Kenn

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