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Church Warden’s Jottngs May 27, 2018
Operational Governance Mid April saw our Annual General Meeting at St Andrews.Churchwardens and all PCC members signed up, a warm welcome to new ... [MORE]

Church Warden's Jottings April 09, 2018
Busy time at St Andrew's Easter this year was a busy time at St Andrews. Holy Week includes a variety of services, culminating in the Easter Sunday... [MORE]

Church Warden's Jottings March 20, 2018
Looking back over February and March, we have had a busy time at St Andrew's.  Lent Starting with the Rev Mark Bate the varied and interestin... [MORE]

Lent 18 March 09, 2018
Did you enjoy the snow?  Someone on facebook said that I was busy making snow angels. No...wrong snow...wrong angels, come to that.   In... [MORE]

Lent 18. A Brilliant Start. February 28, 2018
Lent '18 had a brilliant start last week.  The most moving moment for me was when Barry was answering questions. (Incidentally there ... [MORE]

Andrew's Update February 09, 2018
I bumped into some of the church gang in the Ley the other day. I wanted to know a bit about these Lent '18 sessions that everyone is goin... [MORE]

Andrew's Update January 29, 2018
I got hold of mark Bate the other day and quizzed him with some of the FAQ'sabout Lent '18 that have been buzzing round:-   "Someon... [MORE]

ChurchWarden's Jottings January 20, 2018
Christmas is always a joyous occasion. Especially so this year because St Andrew's was so busy. Four carol services for a starter; a Christmas&... [MORE]

Just to Let You Know January 20, 2018
Fr John Williams preached about Jesus calling his disciples. "Come and see" was a phrase that kept coming up, or so St John said in his Go... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings November 30, 2017
Three great events have taken place in the last month. The village quiz, now in its tenth year, won by the Down and Outs for the second ti... [MORE]

Just to Let You KInow September 30, 2017
Old Mark Bate has been banging on about Lent next year.  He seemed to assume that everyone knows when Lent is. He told me, rather sharply, I th... [MORE]

Can you help? September 29, 2017
... [MORE]

Great Events Coming Up! September 05, 2017
Having just prepared the agenda for the next social Committee meeting , I realise what a lot St Andrew's has planned for the Autumn.  Te... [MORE]

The Toilet Project at St Andrew’s July 23, 2017
At the last PCC meeting (5 July), the PCC unanimously voted to cease seeking funding for the toilet/boiler /storage project. This was a difficult de... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings May 07, 2017
Easter and Evensong This year this was a very busy time at St Andrew's, culminating with the Easter Sunday service where over 80 people were in att... [MORE]

Samuel Sarkar April 19, 2017
Greetings! Hope this e-mail finds you doing well. This e-mail is to wish you, Mary, members and supports of Devan a blessed and fruitful Easter. We... [MORE]

Mothering Sunday March 23, 2017
On Sunday we will be thinking about Mothers.  I am always keen that dads should give thanks for the mother's of their children. &nbs... [MORE]

Adam & Eve March 16, 2017
The story ends with two people feeling very anxious, very vulnerable and very guilty. They blame each other, neither will take responsibil... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings March 08, 2017
Easter Time Easter is one of the busiest times for St Andrews. The times of all of the services can be found in this publication and on each of t... [MORE]

EVE March 08, 2017
At the Lent course on Sunday we thought about the story of Eve.  Not a factual story , of course, but a parable. We all agreed that E... [MORE]

ASH WEDNESDAY March 01, 2017
Lent starts today!  I am glad to say that St Andrew's has two things running to help us do something positive for Lent. &n... [MORE]

Lent is coming! February 23, 2017
Lent begins next Wednesday, i.e the  40 days getting ready for Easter.   We heard a remarkable sermon from Fr John in St Andre... [MORE]

Excellent bacon baps January 20th saw a simple idea, of a bacon bap and coffee, brought together 60 plus people for a social get together in the Ke... [MORE]

It's Show Time at St Andrew's Kicking off a very busy time for St Andrew's Church in December we are delighted to welcome Mary-Jess Leaverland to S... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings September 26, 2016
Lot's happening this autumn at St Andrew's. Great Village Quiz Coming up is the hotly contested village quiz. This is taking place on Friday 14 Oct... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings July 28, 2016
As we enjoy these lovely summer days and whilst not meaning to hasten the summer along, my mind turns to the autumn and events taking place in our c... [MORE]

The Fete – didn’t we do well? Who would have thought we could have raised so much money! Just over £4000. A magnificent total if ... [MORE]

Churchwarden’s Jottings January 25, 2016
St Andrew’s was a happy place this Christmas. Lots of happy children and contented adults celebrating Christmas. All services saw an increase ... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings November 15, 2015
Gift Day Thank you to all those who supported out Gift Day in October. Every little helps. Lest we forget Remembrance Sunday saw the church full... [MORE]

Summer now draws to a close September 20, 2015
For the second year running we have been delighted to play host to a number of overseas visitors (mainly from Australia and America) who have visite... [MORE]

Picnic in the Park II Just a few words to thank all of those involved in making picnic in the park such a successful evening. The cricket club for ... [MORE]

Immediate Help Needed May 17, 2015
Due to a very wonky knee my ability to maintain the lawn like appearance  of the front part of the Churchyard is compromised for at least the n... [MORE]

Churchwarden’s Jottings May 10, 2015
Election with anticipated outcome! This time of the year Churchwardens are elected. I am delighted to report that St Andrew’s has decided to ... [MORE]

Bihar also affected by Nepalese Earthquakes May 10, 2015
The awful earthquake in Nepal sent  physical shock waves into neighboring Bihar in northern India. The rippling effects have caused most damage... [MORE]

St Andrew’s Churchwarden’s Jottings March 24, 2015
  Picnic in the Park Tickets are being printed. Posters are being finalized. The rock choir (30-40 members) are in rehearsals and the ESO Bra... [MORE]

December proved to be a really busy time for St Andrew’s Church. We kicked off with our Carol Service on 7 December. The Church was full and a... [MORE]

Remembrance Weekend November 17, 2014
St Andrew’s was shown off at its best over the weekend of 7-9 November due to the WW1 exhibition commemorating those from our Parish who lost ... [MORE]

St Andrew’s to feature on BBC TV! October 20, 2014
This week, Andrew Johnson from Wild Dog Limited, a multi-media production company, could be found filming inside St Andrew’s Church, specifica... [MORE]

Mother Union are holding a Stop Gender Based Violence Conference October 03, 2014
To be held November 29th. For full details click here:- ... [MORE]

GIFT DAY September 30, 2014
This year we are combining our annual Gift day with our Harvest Festival, on Sunday 5th October. St Andrew’s has just had its Quinquenial Rep... [MORE]

A38 / A380 Splatford Split Additional Lane July 24, 2014
     A38 / A380 Splatford Split Additional Lane   What is happening? We will be carrying out works to improve the A38 ... [MORE]

Picnic in the Park July 21, 2014
The storm clouds cleared. Picnickers arrived and Decadent Brass royallyentertained.The clarion sounds of ‘The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba&rs... [MORE]

St Andrew's gains friends from all corners of the globe July 21, 2014
For the last 3 months St Andrew's Church Kenn has been visited by coach parties of overseas tourists, who are touring around England. They have been... [MORE]

Mothers Union Honoured July 06, 2014
Geoff and Anne Hawken were honoured to host the visit of the Worldwide President of the M U at their home, when she came to "meet the Trustees "&nbs... [MORE]

St Andrew's Church Fete (May Fayre) June 09, 2014
Who would have thought that St Andrew’s could have put on 2 consecutive fetes with such fantastic weather. This year’s fete was blessed ... [MORE]

Can you help? June 09, 2014
Can you spare a couple of hours once a month to help keep the grass at the front half of St Andrew’s churchyard mown? The Church looks stunnin... [MORE]

Thank You’s May 06, 2014
A big thank you to the Art Show held at the end of March held in the Kenn Centre, organised by Maureen Bate and friends. This event goes from streng... [MORE]

Bickham House plays host to the Best of Brass May 06, 2014
There cannot be a better setting than the grounds of Bickham House, to sit and listen to some of the finest tunes played by a 10 piece brass ensembl... [MORE]

Ongoing Maintenance! May 06, 2014
The observant amongst you will have noticed that Woodbury Stonemasons have been busy again at St Andrews, this time repairing the front footpath and... [MORE]

St.Andrews Lent Lunches supports Water Aid April 21, 2014
Five weeks, on a Monday lunchtime in Lent, saw members of the Parish providing soup and desserts for a simple lunch for others within the Parish at ... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings April 05, 2014
CHURCHWARDEN'S JOTTINGS Lent Lunches I am delighted to report that once again our Lent Lunches are a great success.  I would like to thank on... [MORE]

Churchwarden's Jottings January 19, 2014
Churchwarden's Jottings I would like to start by saying a big thank you to all of the people who attended this year's Words and Music. "The best yet... [MORE]

A Sparkling Christmas Fayre November 25, 2013
Saturday 23rd of November proved to be a very busy morning in the Kenn Centre. The hive of activity commenced at 8am with the set up. Thanks to all ... [MORE]

Xmas Fayre October 25, 2013
... [MORE]

Village Quiz Flushed with Success October 17, 2013
Now into it’s fifth year, the village quiz  assisted in raising much needed funds (just over £500) for St Andrew’s Church Ken... [MORE]

    The Building Committee met with the church architect Russ Palmer today to discuss ideas about a possible lavatory outside the buildi... [MORE]

Sizzling in the Sunshine July 15, 2013
Over the past few years the Sausage Sizzle has become a major fund raising event for St Andrew's. This year Linda & Phil Baker stepped forward t... [MORE]

St Andrew’s Cream Tea 2013 July 09, 2013
More than 60 scones were consumed on a beautiful summer afternoon. In a very poor June, the sun shone and the rain stayed away. A choice of cake, ... [MORE]

All Change at St Andrew’s May 29, 2013
Following the Church’s annual general meeting at the end of April (yes Churches have them too!) St Andrew’s welcomes as a new churchward... [MORE]

A good time was had by all May 13, 2013
Saturday 11th May saw a good number from the Parish gathered at Sue Bretherton's home in Splatford for a Church coffee and social morning. We were w... [MORE]

Last Chance - Electoral Roll April 02, 2013
Just a final reminder that the new Electoral Roll for St.Andrew has to be published this Sunday - 7th April in preparation for the AGPC Meeting on S... [MORE]

St. Andrew's Social Evening April 01, 2013
  The Vicar and Churchwardens of St Andrew’s Church Kenn held a social evening at the beginning of March 2013 at the Ley Arms Kenn to sa... [MORE]

Name that Child April 01, 2013
  As we all know there is a royal baby on the way. Mark Bate came up with the idea of trying to guess the name of the new baby. John Wood and ... [MORE]

MU Commissioning Service - Exeter Cathedral 18 Mar 2013 - Full text of Bishop Michael's sermon. March 23, 2013
It is good to be with you today to commission your new Diocesan President.  Bridget is the fourth person to hold that office during my time as ... [MORE]

St. Andrew's Helps Water Aid March 20, 2013
  This year our Charity Lunches in Lent have raised have raised over £1100. This is a fantastic response from a community affected by flo... [MORE]

Electoral Roll 2013 March 06, 2013
St.Andrew’s Electoral Roll 2013 This year the Electoral Roll for St.Andrew’s has to be revised to comply with Diocesan Rules. Applicat... [MORE]

St.Andrew's Supports Kennford Flood Victims December 28, 2012
Homes in Kennford were devastated by flooding during late November and many people have had to vacate their homes and have lost property due to the ... [MORE]

Xmas Fayre 2012 December 16, 2012
Many thanks to all who supported the Christmas Fayre. We raised a fantastic £1036. This year’s fayre was held on the 24th of November.... [MORE]

Xmas Tree Festival December 04, 2012
    Maggie and Polly  would like to thank everyone involved in making  the Christmas Tree Festival happen.   We would l... [MORE]

Haldon Views - Update November 22, 2012
... [MORE]

"THE RETURN OF "HALDON VIEWS" November 06, 2012
  Many of our Parish folk have really missed the Haldon Views over the past months. We used to look forward to each edition and read about v... [MORE]

Tower Repairs Completed October 02, 2012
St.Andrew’s Kenn – Olympic Year Repairs In November 2010 an unlucky bell ringer was surprised to be soaked on releasing a bell from the... [MORE]

Sausage Sizzle Success September 19, 2012
St. Andrew’s Sausage Sizzle was held in glorious sunshine on Saturday 8th September in the lovely garden at Little Trehill, Kenn by kind permi... [MORE]

Cream Tea 1 - Weather 0 August 12, 2012
More than 50 supporters of St Andrew’s braved the inclement weather to enjoy a fresh, but slightly damp cream tea. Saturday 28 July was a r... [MORE]

Annual Vestry & Parish Meeting 2012 June 23, 2012

Church Fete 2012 June 11, 2012
Believe it or not, the last Church Fete was 3 years ago (2009)! In a mad moment, I agreed that I would coordinate another one this year. With the h... [MORE]

Art Show is a Fantastic Success May 30, 2012
The Kenn Art Show was held in the Kenn Centre on 23rd - 25th March.  Forty-five artists,  both amateur and professional, took part and the... [MORE]

Big Easter Breakfast April 18, 2012
The new 'Big Easter Breakfast' was a resounding success thanks to the tremendous effort made by Paul and Liz Rycroft and their generous hospitality.... [MORE]

Shelterbox Update April 10, 2012
Final figures in from the treasurer indicate that donations for the Lent Lunches were up on last year at £1243.25 and that 248 persons paid at... [MORE]

A big thank you to all those folk who helped with our charity lunches in Lent. We are grateful to those who cooked or waited at table, to the guest... [MORE]

Grant Success February 06, 2012
St. Andrew's is delighted to advise that Devon Historic Churches Trust has confirmed that it has generously agreed to award a grant of £2500 t... [MORE]